Brasinga: The beats. The burn. The results.

Brasinga is a high intensity dance-infused workout set to the intoxicating beats of Brazilian Favela Funk.  This new and exciting exercise class is inspired by the Favelas of Brazil where communities of people fuse together to share their passion for dance and exercise – whatever their size and shape.

But Brasinga isn’t just about the dance. It’s about the push. We choreograph our unique dance routines to elevate you to new levels of fitness and strength with a truly intense cardio workout that sculpts and tones your core, thighs and bum.

With that comes a new lust for life, helping you achieve your own transformation goals. And, when the going gets tough, the amazing and driven Brasinga community are there to back you up.

Funk, yeah!


10+ bespoke choreographies


100’s of dance moves


Countless Brazilian beats!

We’re not your average dance fitness class…

We’re way more than that.

Brasinga helps you redefine what fitness and beauty is. Brasinga enables you to reframe your struggle for optimum fitness – not just in the short term, but forever. Because we use our passion for dance as a ridiculously fun and upbeat way to deliver sustainable and targeted results that build your strength, your muscle tone, and your staying power.

You’ll feel the pain, but you’ll love it!


Fire up your energy with our unique dance routines, infused with the pulse of Brazilian Favela Funk. Our upbeat choreography is focused on moves that target and tone. And they’re serious fun!


Prepare for the burn – because you’re not just here to dance. You’ll be challenged with dynamic, high intensity cardio routines to give you one hell of a workout. Because hard work brings results.


Feel the difference as you achieve your transformation goals. The sense of empowerment as you reach higher levels of fitness, and your improved strength as your body tones. Capture that new spark for life!

Is Brasinga the thing for You?

You crave change – that’s what matters. It’s about where you’re going: you want to step it up, reach that higher level of fitness and wellness that you didn’t even know you’re capable of. You want to feel the burn, feel the sweat, feel the beats, feel the results.

It doesn’t matter what  level of fitness you have, whether you’re a guy or gal, how good a dancer you are, or where you’re from.

When classes like Zumba aren’t giving you the challenge you want, if they are on the same scale as dancing like your uncle/auntie at a subdued wedding then it’s definitely time to turn up the heat and ‘baile’ Brasinga.

And, of course, Brasinga’s high intensity can help you drop that weight – if that’s what you’re aiming for.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Become an Instructor

We are on the lookout for talented instructors who want to learn a new dance / fitness routine. If you currently teach dance and would like to know more about becoming a Brasinga instructor, contact us today!

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